Skydiving Atlanta? 3 Reasons to Choose Us

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Are you thinking about skydiving Atlanta, GA? There’s nowhere better than Skydive Monroe. Here are just a few of the things that make us the best choice:

Highly Experienced Staff

We’re incredibly proud of our highly experienced staff.

For us, experience is important because it equips us with the knowledge and skills to give a fantastic jump.

Our drop zone’s owner, Bill Scott, has been in the skydiving industry for more than 40 years. His passion for the sport and guidance of the team means we have one of the best staff teams you’ll find in the US. In fact, it’s likely he taught many of the other Atlanta skydiving instructors how to skydive!

Our Fantastic Aircraft

Our airplane is a really key part of the experience you’ll have if you come to skydive Atlanta with us.

There are lots of airplane models used for skydiving in this country. They vary in size and age and type, and all have their own quirks and benefits. We use a King Air skydiving airplane, which is one of the finest models (if not the finest) for jumpers. It’s extra comfortable, looks amazing and, perhaps most importantly, it gets us to our exit altitude of 14,000 feet in just under 10 minutes.

The Prime Location

Skydive Monroe is the only skydiving location on the east of Atlanta. Our base is at Monroe-Walton County Airport in Monroe, Georgia, we are approximately 40 miles east of downtown Atlanta and just a short drive from the University of Georgia in Athens.

This makes us very convenient to reach and means we enjoy some fantastic views of the Atlanta area. We’re open all year round too. There’s a useful list of local accommodations for anyone who’s looking to stay nearby.

So what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming about skydiving Atlanta and start doing it! Book your skydive online or get in touch if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to help.