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Atlanta Skydiving Prices & Reservations

Skydive Monroe offers the best Atlanta skydiving prices to skydive Georgia without breaking the bank. We cater to the adventure needs of first-time skydivers (tandem skydiving or AFF) and experienced skydivers (licensed, solo skydivers). Below you’ll find a complete list of our skydiving prices.

For first time skydiving Atlanta, use our online reservation system to schedule your tandem skydive or AFF ground school and get ready to go skydiving in Georgia at Skydive Monroe! We use Burble Software to make your online booking experience easy, streamlined & secure.

Click the button below and you’ll be directed to a secure page for scheduling and payment. Contact us directly at (770) 207-1122 with any questions!

Tandem Skydiving Pricing

Our most popular jump option for first-time skydivers. Jump from 14,000ft securely attached to a certified tandem skydiving instructor.

DayTypeCostBook Now
Friday Tandem Skydive$180Book Now
Saturday Tandem Skydive$210Book Now
Sunday Tandem Skydive$210Book Now
Tandem Skydiving Discounts
Couples Package 2 Tandem Skydives + 2 Videos
Save $100
Military Personnel Tandem Skydive
with valid ID
Students Tandem Skydive
with valid ID
Tandem Skydiving Group Rates
Group SizeTypeCost
5-9 People Tandem Skydive$175 per person
10+ People Tandem Skydive$150 per person
Video Services
Handcam Video & Still Photography Digital Video and Still Photographs Shot from a Wrist-Mounted Camera$110
Outside Video & Still Photography Digital Video and Still Photography Shot by an Outside Camera Flyer$140

Accelerated Freefall Pricing

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Pricing
AFF First Jump Course & Category A First Jump Ground School and Jump$285
3 Jump AFF Package Ground School and 3 AFF Category Jumps
Save $75
Category B Single AFF Jump$185
Category C Single AFF Jump$175
Category D-1 Single AFF Jump$155
Category D-2 Single AFF Jump$155
Category E-1 Single AFF Jump$145
Category E-2 Single AFF Jump$145

Experienced Pricing

Experienced Pricing
Saturday & Sunday Lift Ticket$28
Saturday & Sunday Gear Rental$20

These guys are amazing!!! My 94 year-old father-in-law wanted to go skydiving and these guys made it happen.

Trina Sasine