Skydiving FAQs

What To Expect

Have Questions About Your First Jump?

Want to skydive Georgia, but have questions? We’ve highlighted some of the most frequently asked skydiving questions below. Take a moment to review the skydiving FAQs below and if you still have questions, feel free to contact us directly. We’d love to speak with you about skydiving Atlanta! You can reach us at the main office number (770) 207-1122 or the DZ mobile number (770) 712-5281.

General Questions

How long has Skydive Monroe been in business?

Skydive Monroe was established in 1993. We’re proud to be the best location to skydive Georgia!

How do I find Skydive Monroe's location?

Our physical mailing address is 535 Towler Street, Monroe, GA 30655. Not all GPS systems have our mailing address programmed, so please verify this before beginning your trip. Please visit our directions link for turn by turn directions to Skydive Monroe.

Are pets allowed at Skydive Monroe?

Pets are not permitted at Skydive Monroe at any time.

Is there a place where we can purchase food at Skydive Monroe?

At this time, we do not offer food services at Skydive Monroe. Vending machines for drinks and snacks are available on-site, so we do recommend bringing lunch as you’ll be with us for 5 to 6 hours for your Atlanta skydiving experience.

First-Time Skydiver Questions

What should I wear for my skydive?

Dress for skydiving so that you are comfortable for the temperatures on the ground. If it will be a warm day, then a T-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes will be best. If it’s going to be a chilly day, then jeans, a long-sleeved T-shirt and tennis shoes are recommended. If it’s particularly cold then we recommend long-johns or Under Armour wear (works particularly well). We will be providing you with a jumpsuit to put on over your clothing, so please do not wear anything too bulky (heavy jackets). Tennis shoes or ‘sneakers’ is recommended for footwear. Boots are not recommended. Ladies can also read our article for tips on how to wear your hair for skydiving.

Should I arrive earlier than my scheduled time?

No. Arrival time is your booking time. You will be at the DZ for approximately 5-6 hours. Please prepare for this as there is some downtime between your training and actually boarding the plane. There is much happening behind the scenes by-way of re-packing parachutes etc. Please be patient and prepare for one of the best experiences of your life!

Should I eat before I jump?

Skydiving is not like being on a roller coaster so you will not feel sick while in freefall. Ideally, we wish you to be hydrated and to eat normally. Guests often feel nauseated after the skydiving experience if they’ve eaten nothing at all because of the surge of adrenaline during the experience. So, make sure to eat before skydiving!

Why will I be at Skydive Monroe for between 5 and 6 hours?

Skydive Monroe is fortunate to fly a large, 14 passenger aircraft that takes passengers up to 14,000 feet allowing for the best skydiving experience. Because of the major expense of operating a large aircraft, heavy volume is required to fly. The design of our booking schedule is to allow customers to be with us for between 5 and 6 hours. The wait time is created by having to pack parachutes for both tandem and videographer parachutes alike.

Much is happening behind the scenes, so please be patient and stay relaxed for the experience of a lifetime. Wait times are greatly reduced for those scheduled early in the mornings (8:00 and 9:00am).

The weight restriction for men is 225 lbs and 170 lbs for women, how strict are you on this weight requirement?

Regrettably, not everyone can skydive. There are many variables to skydiving and weight is just one of them. Our parachute systems have a maximum designed weight limit. On a tandem jump, the combined weight of the passenger, gear, the tandem instructor are factored to ensure we are within the weight restrictions set forth by the equipment manufacturer.

Even if you are within the weight limit, your Body Mass Index and your body shape make any skydive more of a risk to you.

On Tandem Skydives a pear shaped or apple shaped individual typically has a lot of weight sitting on the thighs which can be extremely uncomfortable for the ride under parachute. This can result in nausea, loss of circulation and even unconsciousness.

Exceptions can be made for the women’s category of 170 lbs based on fitness levels.

We recognize that issues of weight are sensitive and they are handled with discretion. If in doubt, please give us a call; we would be happy to discuss these details with you or have you visit the dropzone prior to your scheduled jump to assess the fit of the skydiving harness and your safety. 

Ultimately, our primary focus is the safety of our guests. Skydive Monroe reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for the safety of our guests and instructors. Learn more about skydiving weight limit restrictions and why they are in place.


If I have friends and family coming to watch, what time should they arrive?

Unless your booking time is for either 8:00 or 9:00 AM, we recommend that spectators arrive approximately an hour and a half after your reservation time. If you have an 8 or 9 AM time, please have your guests come with you or within 30 minutes of your scheduled arrival time so they don’t miss your experience skydiving Atlanta.

Please note that all children 12 years and under must be under adult supervision at all times.

Should I tip my instructor or videographer, what is standard procedure?

We recognize that skydiving is an expensive activity – tips are never expected, but always appreciated! If you feel you have received exceptionally good service by your instructor or videographer they are always appreciative!

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my jump and how does it effect my reservation?

All payments are non-refundable, but are transferable and are valid for one calendar year. In the event that your skydive will have to be rescheduled, you will have up to one calendar year to reschedule. If you have a long drive and it appears that the weather will be inclement, all are encouraged to contact Skydive Monroe at Office: (770) 207-1122 to check on the status of the weather. Learn more about how weather can affect your skydiving day.

What does Skydive Monroe consider bad weather?

Conditions that effect the postponement, delay or cancellation of a skydive are as follows:

Heavy Clouds – if cloud conditions are thick not allowing jumpers / instructors to see the ground from the jump altitude, then jumping is discontinued. The exception to this is if the cloud cover is above an altitude of 10,000 feet.

Rain – Jumping in the rain can be an unpleasant experience. We do not operate when it’s raining.

Wind – If ground winds are in excess of 20mph or if upper altitude winds are excessively high. Learn more about how wind can affect skydiving conditions.

Is there anything I should bring to the skydiving dropzone?

Bring a folded chair so you can relax comfortably while waiting for your turn to skydive. There will be lots of skydiving happening, so bring a chair and of course your sunglasses – you’ll be looking up at the sky a lot to see all the Atlanta skydiving fun!

If I have a GoPro camera or a similar small camera, am I permitted to bring this with me on my jump?

No outside cameras are permitted on your skydive due to safety reasons. There are no exceptions.

Video & Photo Questions

What are the details of the Video & Photo packages?

Skydive Monroe is proud to offer one of the most advanced camera editing systems in the world – Shred. Our Shred system puts three versions of your skydive directly to your inbox within 30 minutes after your skydive! No waiting around for any media or for someone to edit! Using Artificial Intelligence, the Shred system quickly storyboards your skydive and zips a 45 second Instagram edit, a 60 second Free Fall edit and a Full Edit of your entire skydiving experience (3-5 minutes).

The full video edit includes- meeting the instructor, getting geared up, boarding the aircraft and of course the moment of being in the door at 14,000 feet and every part of the free fall experience. Pricing for video services are $140 for Video and Stills photography shot on a handcam or $175 for an outside camera flyer who will capture both Video & Still photography.

If there are two of us, can we hire one videographer to capture both of our skydives?

This is not possible. Each tandem skydive pair exits the airplane with about 5 to 10 seconds of separation between exits to ensure that parachutes will not open in close proximity of each other. Because of this separation it is not possible for a videographer to fly from one tandem skydiving group to another.