Tandem Skydiving Pictures & Video

Capture the Moment

Trust Us, You Want the Video!

How often do you exit an aircraft from 14,000 feet? Be sure to get this life changing experience documented with our Georgia tandem skydiving pictures and video package! Our videographers are some of the best in the world and will capture every aspect of your tandem skydive.

Do You Have to Be Physically Fit to Skydive

What’s Included in the Video?

  • A pre-jump interview
  • The walk to the aircraft
  • An interview at 7,000 feet in the airplane
  • An amazing exit shot as you jump out of the airplane
  • Video of your freefall, deployment and landing.
  • A post-jump interview

You only make your first jump once! Get the video and photos so you can share your amazing skydiving experience with your family, friends, and social circles!

Video and Photo Package Options

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    HandCam Video & Photos

    Professional Digital Photos & Video of Your Skydive Captured by a Wrist-Mounted Camera


  • Dropzone with Most Scenic in US

    Outside Video & Photos

    Professional Digital Photos and Video of Your Skydive Captured by an Outside Camera Flyer


Watch a Tandem Skydiving Video

Skydive Monroe has become my second home. It doesn't matter if you are a fun jumper, tandem student or a spectator, these people truly care about your experience.

Lauren Milligan