Is Indoor Skydiving Worth it?

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Skydiving is an unforgettable experience that has proven to have the ability to enrich, inspire, and  empower in so many ways. We know that skydiving is worth it – but what about indoor skydiving? Let’s jump into all that indoor skydiving has to offer, how long an indoor skydive lasts, and the point of it all.

Is Indoor Skydiving Actually Fun?

does skydiving hurt your earsIndoor skydiving is incredibly fun and while it can be a great alternative – it doesn’t even come close to the overwhelmingly life-changing and awe-inspiring experience that you’ll get from doing the real thing. Outdoor skydiving and the series of distinct phases of every jump yields more in terms of gains than indoor skydiving can provide.

Is Indoor Skydiving Harder Than Outdoor Skydiving?

Indoor skydiving isn’t necessarily harder than skydiving, and vice versa. Both sports bring about their own unique challenges that make them difficult in their own way. Indoor skydiving might appear to be easy at face value, especially when you watch the pros flow around the tunnel – but in actuality, it is not easy at all!

There’s a lot more to skydiving than goes into indoor skydiving. In skydiving, you’ll be exiting an airplane, freefalling, flying the canopy, and landing the parachute – while indoor skydiving is solely focused on freefall or simulated freefall. The difference between the freefall in the tunnel and the freefall in the sky is where you may also see the difference in difficulty. Indoor skydiving is more of a controlled environment but you also have to be super proficient in your movements and more spatially aware as to avoid hitting the walls. Whereas, in the big blue sky, you will have plenty of room to fly however you see fit!

How Long Does an Indoor Skydive Last?

The duration of an indoor skydive depends on which package you purchased. Most first-time flyer packages consist of two separate flights at 60 seconds for each flight. This doesn’t sound like a whole lot but we can assure you that it is plenty! The freefall portion of a real skydive usually lasts anywhere between between 45 and 60 seconds depending on your exit altitude. With most indoor packages giving you twice that — you’re essentially getting two freefalls in one day with indoor skydiving (without the views of course). Whether you’re in the sky or in the tunnel, that minute of freefall is the longest, most glorious 60 seconds of your life!

What is the Point of Indoor Skydiving?

  • Indoor skydiving is for everyone! One of the coolest things about indoor skydiving is that it provides a controlled space for people of all ages and all abilities to experience the dream of flight. Most indoor skydiving facilities have a broad age limit of 3 years old to 103 years old! Whereas, most skydiving centers require that you are at least 18 years old to participate.Skydiving
  • You can experience the feeling of freefall without having to jump out of an airplane. We think skydiving is one of the best things you can do in your life but, let’s be real, skydiving isn’t for everyone! Indoor skydiving allows you to experience the dream of human body flight without having to jump from a plane 8,000 to14,000 ft off the ground. As a bonus, if you are thinking of going skydiving in the future, indoor skydiving is a great way to prepare you for the real thing! 
  • Skydivers can improve their flying skills. A lot of experienced skydivers will use the wind tunnel as a resource to improve their flying skills and transfer them to the sky. The tunnel erases a lot of the external factors that come with skydiving so you can focus more on the body flight portion of skydiving. As long as the time is available, you can pretty much fly as much as you want and get more flight time for it as compared to skydiving. This is why indoor skydiving is perfect for rainy days or after a day of jumping!

Is Indoor Skydiving a Worthy Alternative to Real Skydiving?

Yes, we think indoor skydiving is worth it! Whether you are an avid flyer or experienced skydiver who is looking to improve your body flight skills or someone who wants to experience human flight without the added commitment, indoor skydiving has a lot to offer.

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