Is Skydiving Worth It?

Monday, June 27, 2022

Curious if skydiving is worth it? It seems pretty expensive… is skydiving worth the cost? Jumping out of a plane sounds dangerous… is skydiving worth the risk? Ultimately, these are questions only you can answer for yourself. But if it’s the context you want about why should you go skydiving, we’ve got at least 365 reasons to go skydiving (366 in a leap year!!). There are a ton of benefits to seizing the day! Here are a few to get your wheels turning.

Top Reasons to Go Skydiving

Risk vs. Reward

Jumping out of a plane is, obviously, inherently risky – but it’s really not as risky as many people think. The chances of dying from skydiving are extremely low. In fact, in 2021, the rate of skydiving fatalities was 0.28 per 100,000 jumps; the lowest in recorded skydiving history in the US.

And then there’s the extremely high reward. Skydiving is an indescribable, awe-inspiring experience – whether you do it once, or love it so much that you get licensed and do it every chance you get. Skydiving exposes you to a sense of absolute freedom and plainly shows you that you’re capable of extraordinary things if you push yourself past your fears. 

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Living in the Moment

Skydiving feels really, really (like, really) amazing – and is actually healthy too! 

Jumping out of an airplane offers a variety of benefits, including releasing all sorts of good-for-you chemicals. When you do something mega daring and exciting, your body secretes adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine – the mixture of which have an immediate euphoric effect, can help your sleep and appetite and can have a lasting impact on mental health. 

Skydiving also forces you to focus on the present. In truth, you can focus on nothing else!! Being only here, now, helps you to dismiss any troubles waiting back in “the real world”.

Lifetime of Memories

While the actual skydiving experience lasts minutes, and the tangible after-effects of skydiving will wane over time, the powerful memories associated with your incredible accomplishment will stay with you forever. When you achieve the closest thing we can get to human flight, you’ll never be the same.

Now… this may seem like a shameless plug, but it’s not. The number one regret we hear from first-time skydivers is not getting video. Skydiving is expensive and so the thought of shelling out more money to purchase a media package may seem steep – but, seriously, go for it. You only skydive for the first time once. 

Growth at 120 MPH

physics of skydivingIt’s not an exaggeration to say that skydiving can be life-changing. Skydiving is complete and total freedom mixed with fear, joy, and exhilaration – and the result is pure empowerment.

The act of intentionally jumping out of a plane is a totally unique experience. It forces you to consciously push past your mental and physical boundaries, and voluntarily leave the perceived safety of the aircraft. When you leave that comfort zone, there is so much growth to be had. 

Facing your fears. Overcoming that which scares you. When you show yourself what you’re capable of, you gain the confidence to call on that strength and determination in the future.

If you are brave enough to jump out of a plane, you just might be able to do anything.

The Cost of Adventure

As you know, skydiving costs a pretty penny. At Skydive Monroe, our regular tandem skydiving rate is $235, and military personnel, students, and groups are eligible for discounts. Skydiving is pricey for good reason. The overhead is high and, as is the case with extreme sports, you can’t afford to cut corners. Maintaining the aircraft, keeping fuel flowing, engaging experienced and credentialed ground and sky crew members… it all adds up. 

Here’s the other thing to consider. Skydiving is an experience that will enrich, inspire and empower you in ways no other experience can. There’s no price tag on that. Plus, if you love it as much as we do, you can pursue your skydiving license, and – once you’re certified – the sport is exponentially more affordable. Case in point, at Skydive Monroe lift tickets and gear rental, are less than $40 a pop.

So, why do people go skydiving? Adventure, friendship, release, reclamation, self-actualization… we all have our reasons. Whatever your motivation for making the leap, it’s valid. Now, book your skydive and come experience the immeasurable worth of skydiving for yourself! Blue skies!