Is a Skydiving License Worth It?

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Skydiving is one of the most thrilling and rewarding things we humans can do for fun – so the answer to the question, “Is skydiving worth the cost?” is a resounding YES! Earning a skydiving license is very much worth it! There is NOTHING that can compare to the experience of leaping from the open door of a flying machine and falling through the big open sky.

Achieving your skydiving certification is a challenge that takes time and resources, but the foundational knowledge and practical skills you learn along the way are critical to your progression. Plus, you’ll gain incredible, positive, straight-up priceless byproducts. Let’s get into it…

Skydiving Is Worth The Investment Cost

Earning your skydiving license is somewhat expensive for good reason. Meticulously maintaining top-of-the-line equipment, providing state-of-the-art gear, and engaging highly-qualified and experienced instructors costs a pretty penny. In fact, beware of bargain-basement pricing; skydiving is one of those get-what-you-pay-for activities.  

Here’s some good news – skydiving gets cheaper once you surpass the initial skydiving license cost and earn your A License. Jump tickets for experienced skydivers are vastly cheaper than either a tandem skydive (most people’s introduction to skydiving) or an AFF course (Accelerated Free Fall – the most common way to learn to skydive) – where for the early stages you are paying for yourself plus one or two instructors.

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Skydiving Yields Immense Health Benefits

Skydiving is good for you in many ways with various mental and physical benefits. For starters, it’s an outdoor sport that comes with exercise and lots of fresh air. 

Skydiving also exposes your body and mind to a novel situation that just so happens to make everything work more efficiently. It’s that good ol’ fashioned fight-or-flight response. Your brain perceives that you’re in danger and dumps a magical mix of exhilarating chemicals into your bloodstream to help you act faster and stronger… and feel great. That good-good feeling is intense in the moment and stays with you for a while afterward.

There’s a mental health benefit that must not be overlooked: skydiving is mega empowering. Once the enormous achievement settles in, you realize you are capable of a whole lot of things that may have previously seemed impossible. You are one of those people that can take life by the horns!

Skydiving Instills a Spirit of Adventure

If skydiving represents your introduction to adventure, be prepared to have your mind blown as you discover different ways to capitalize on your new skill set. 

Once you pay your dues by way of skydiving certification costs and practice jumps, you can begin roaming the world with your parachute, looking for the next great place to make unique and memorable jumps. Skydiving is a global pastime, and there are many ways to experience the wonders of skydiving out there. 

The adventure also happens at home, of course, and your local dropzone is the perfect place to explore ways to grow and advance in the sport. With experience and additional skydiving certifications, new disciplines and skills become available to you. Night jumps, sporting wearables (yay, GoPro!), wingsuiting, and exhibition jumps are just a few examples.

Skydiving Fosters Community

The skydiving community is one big, happy family that is committed to being supportive both in the air and on the ground. Everyone wants to jump as much as possible (#facts) and having your skydiving certification accelerates your ability to build connections and create community.

The dropzone is a safe place to leave the stresses of the everyday behind and come together with people from all walks of life, drawn together by something amazing. The DZ is such an awesome place to be that even when the weather leaves you stuck on the ground, you still have a good time.

skydiving worth the cost

Skydiving Marks the Beginning of a Journey

Achieving your skydiving license marks the beginning of a new journey. Skydivers are lifelong learners who have the opportunity to learn something new about the sport – and themselves – every day. This is possibly the best part about becoming a skydiver; it can have a profound effect on who you can grow into as a person. 

Ready to live the best version of yourself? Learn to skydive with us!