Skydiving License and Certification Costs

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Skydiving is an incredible activity for many. However, few people understand the complexities of the industry that make up this growing sport. What does it take to become a certified skydiver? What happens beyond getting licensed? Let’s explore the wonderful and exciting journey that skydiving has to offer. 

Is a Skydiving License Worth It? 

If you’re not the adventure-seeking kind or dream of flying your body through the sky like Super Man or Peter Pan, then the idea of jumping from a plane may terrify you – not to mention jumping solo which begs the question of whether or not a skydiving license is worth it. Even so, some people have an incredible fear but have the tenacity to conquer it by accomplishing a task as big as earning a solo skydiving license

“Life begins on the other side of your comfort zone.”

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How Is Skydiving Regulated?

Skydive operations have the option to opt into the only national skydiving organization recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration called the United States Parachute Association [USPA]. Part of what USPA does is set standards for training, licensing, and progression in the sport. We here at Skydive Monroe have opted in and are what’s called a USPA Group Member and follow a program called Accelerated Freefall [AFF] that uses the skill requirement outlined by USPA for the first basic certification called the A License.

What Does it Take to Get Licensed?

Every skydiving center has the freedom to tailor its student training programs which leads to a lot of variances between each place. At Skydive Monroe, you can choose to begin your solo skydiving journey with a tandem OR by doing the first AFF Solo after the appropriate training. Here’s a snapshot of the AFF progression to certification: 

  • 6 Hour Ground School
  • 7 Levels of AFF
  • Coach Jumps or Solo
  • Complete 25 jumps
  • Complete certain in air freefall skills
  • Complete canopy flight and landing skills
  • Complete an A-license exam

Cost to Getting Skydiving License

Let’s just start here: skydiving isn’t a cheap sport! With the rising prices of fuel, the cost of equipment and maintaining it, and paying qualified instructors, we’re not sure you want to go somewhere cheap!

We’ll be upfront and break down the costs to get a skydiving license: 

AFF First Jump Course & Category A First JumpGround School and 1 Jump$285
3 Jump AFF PackageGround School and 3 AFF Category Jumps

Save $75

Category B1 AFF Jump$185
Category C1 AFF Jump$175
Category D-11 AFF Jump$155
Category D-21 AFF Jump$155
Category E-11 AFF Jump$145
Category E-21 AFF Jump$145

To earn the 25 jumps you may jump with a coach to have certain requirements completed on your USPA A-license proficiency card. Otherwise, you may jump solo. Here’s an example of what the path may look like: 

5 Coach JumpsIncludes Coach & Gear Rental$390
13 Solo JumpsIncludes Slot + Gear Rental$624

*Note: This is an example since everyone’s progression varies. Some may need more time to complete a category and prices may vary upon booking. The total approximate cost to earn your skydiving license at Skydive Monroe is $2,833.

What Happens After AFF

We’re glad you asked! In fact, there’s an amazing world that opens up after AFF, including your A, B, C, and D licenses. To put it simply, after AFF, the entire sky is waiting for you. Don’t disappoint!

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Get Started On Your Skydiving License!

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