Discover the Benefits of Skydiving

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The mental and physical benefits of skydiving are many. Not only is jumping out of an airplane an amazing experience that you will treasure forever, the process of going skydiving – where you fall towards the earth at a terminal velocity of 120mph – can have lasting positive effects on both your body and mind. Before you sign up for the adventure of a lifetime, it is worth knowing a bit more about the psychology of skydiving and the health benefits it can offer.


Intense and thrilling experiences put our bodies into fight or flight mode. This is leftover from when we had to hunt mammoths and such – with our bodies recognizing the need in these situations to operate to their fullest potential. For the most part, our modern lives are much comfier – but we can still access the beneficial chemicals on offer by pursuing the intense activity. Skydiving does involve some risk, but it is much, much less than what people generally think. Over many decades of getting better and better at it, the act of jumping out of an airplane has developed into both a lifestyle and a competitive sport – but no matter how much you jump it is always exciting, and your human brain instinctively knows it is time to fully engage. Skydiving can trigger a huge endorphin dump in your body, which not only feels amazing in the moment but can represent lasting physiological well-being and have a significant positive influence on your overall mood.

effects of skydiving on the brain


Jumping out of an airplane once is an amazing achievement, but skydiving over and over is even better. You don’t have to be in CrossFit shape to go skydive, but good general health definitely helps you get the most from it. From here on in, skydiving can get more and more challenging and involved, as at the highest skill levels it is very much a sport – with all the same efforts, trials, and rewards available when we line ourselves up to compete. Skydiving is a weekend hobby, an engrossing lifestyle – but it can also be as physically complex and involved as you wish it to be. There are many ways to pursue skydiving, all of which take a great deal of practice to master – and the journey of becoming licensed to jump solo is only the first step on a journey that will take you to places you maybe never thought possible.


Skydiving is good for your soul. Although we humans are basically monkeys and built for life attached to the ground, there is something about flying through the sky that makes the human spirit soar. If you have never done it, it is normal to be anxious about skydiving – but the second you exit the aircraft there are only the amazing views and the joy of freefall. People do many things to live in the moment, but there is perhaps nothing better than skydiving to help you feel so completely present and alive – and even if you only ever jump once you will treasure those feelings forevermore. 

benefits of skydiving

There are a lot of excellent benefits you can receive from going skydiving, whether as a tandem jump or as part of a program to get a license for yourself – and at Skydive Monroe we have everything you need to get the absolute most from your efforts. Everyone should try skydiving once at the very least, and we are here to make it happen.