Top Tips for Group Skydiving

Friday, September 30, 2022

Skydiving is life-altering as it is – and group skydiving with people you love is straight up amazzzing! Jumping out of a plane is a truly incredible experience, and sharing it with your nearest and dearest is out-of-this-world special. After all, nothing bonds people together like plummeting towards the Earth at 120 mph! Plus, there are perks to bringing your peeps, like having your emotional support crew by your side and group skydiving packages. Here are some tips for your group parachute jump!

skydiving tandem groupSkydiving Tandem Group Reservations

In Georgia, we are blessed with blue skies for most of the year, which means we’re frequently busy. It’s always a good idea to make a reservation ahead of time. And since there is a limit on the number of tandem skydives that we can accommodate each day, the earlier you can make a reservation for your group the better – especially with a larger group.

We know, of course, that you want to jump at the same time as others in your group. We want that for you too, but physics and math win out every time. Skydiving jump planes are small – our King Air seats 14 (seven tandem skydiving pairs), and our Cessna seats 4 (two pairs). 

So, while we will definitely try to get you all up at once, depending on group size as well as other logistical factors, we might need to split you into smaller groups. 

Don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much if you do get divided! For safety reasons, you can’t jump with your friends in freefall as we have to maintain adequate distance between tandem skydivers. Trust and believe, too, that it is super fun to cheer each other on as you all land! 

Hang With Your Pals

We suggest that you plan to spend four to six hours with us, but here’s a pretty reliable tip: the earlier in the day that you book, the shorter your wait time. Having friends and family with you can help to keep your nerves at bay and make the time pass quickly.

Although a larger group may take more time to get in the air, it might mean every member of your bunch will have a huge celebratory hug and collective freak out on landing! Awesome! With the King Air airplane fitting more people, we might be able to get your group up more quickly. It depends on how many are in your group and the number of tandem instructors in the mix on your jump day. 

Group Skydiving Packages at Skydive Monroe

Skydiving Staff. Skydive MonroeBringing friends has benefits beyond supporting each other … it means you get a skydiving group discount! 

Our normal tandem skydiving rate is $235 per person – but bring a group and enjoy special skydiving group deals. (We offer a military and student discount, too.) For a group of 5 to 9 tandem skydivers, our group rate is $190 per person. Groups of 10 or more people get a rate of $170 per tandem skydiver. If you have a very large group or are fundraising for an event, reach out!

Skydiving is Great for Special Events

A skydive is the ultimate gift – whether it be for an 18th birthday, an 80th birthday, or an epic wedding present. Sometimes people just need that little *push* to get them to jump out of a plane. Can you say the Best. Gift. Everrrr? Better yet, have a skydiving party! If you have a special event you want to plan that involves jumping out of planes, reach out to us and we’ll see how we can help.

Group Pictures Last Longer

Lean in, this is important: get photos and video of your first skydive. This is not a shameless upsell; not getting video is the number one regret we hear from first-time skydivers. You only get your first jump once. No regrets, y’all!

Plus, freefall faces are everything!! Show off your courage and crazy side on social media, and lock in the supreme feeling of empowerment and accomplishment you felt during your first jump. You’ll treasure the photos and video of your skydiving experience if you jump alone, and documenting the experience with friends and family is straight-up priceless. Treat yourself! (Show us your grin in the wind – #skydivemonroe)

Oh, your friends just want to watch? Pssh. So they say now … just wait until they see you on Cloud 9! Still have questions about a group parachute jump? Check out our FAQs or give us a call. Or if you’re ready, book it! We can’t wait to jump with your whole crew.