Is Tipping Common in Skydiving

Thursday, July 18, 2019

To tip or not to tip—that is the question. Ah, the nuances of navigating the service industry: while it’s obvious and customary to tip your waiter, hair dresser, or even tattoo artist, other tipping situations can be baffling. Instead of an awkward internal battle or a raging bout of self-doubt, we figured we’d take the mystery out of tipping when it comes to skydiving. 

For starters, we understand. Skydiving isn’t a run of the mill activity. Your skydiving experience is new, uncharted territory. Thus, people aren’t quite sure exactly what tipping protocol should be. Instead of star-gazing or consulting an astrolabe for direction, let us help you.

Skydiving Experience - Skydive Monroe

At Skydive Monroe, and other reputable dropzones, instructors are compensated equitably for their professional services. So, unlike tipping at a restaurant, it is always appreciated, but it is never expected. That being said, it can still be awkward if you’re not aware of the tipping etiquette and want to compensate your instructor. So, let’s set the record straight.

If you have an absolutely, mind blowing, ahhhmazing experience with your tandem instructor and talented one-man video production expert, a cash tip of up to 20% for each is a great way to show your appreciation. Though we want it to be known, a skydiving tip can be more than a cash transaction. In this day and age, not everyone has cash on hand, so here are a few other ways to show your instructor and/or your talented skydiving videographer your appreciation. 

skydiving experience at Skydive Monroe

Heart-felt call outs on social media, hand written cards, sparkling google reviews, home-made baked goods: these are all perfectly acceptable ways to make it known you enjoyed your skydive with us at Skydive Monroe. 

If your experience wasn’t that great, should you tip?

Definitely. What we mean is tip us off to what made the experience unsatisfactory or give us a tip on how to improve.  Whatever the case, please don’t hold your tongue. At Skydive Monroe, we constantly and consistently strive to improve and to provide our valued customers with unparalleled service. If something isn’t perfect, come over to the office and tell us all about it. In order to perfect the service we offer, we need your input! Express yourself and let us know if we did a great job or if there are spots where we can improve! Your feedback can make a big difference. 

Ultimately, our goal is to share our love of skydiving and expand the skydiving community as a whole, and the best tips in skydiving are the honest ones. If you honestly loved your experience, please let us know! Whether it is constructive criticism, kind words, tasty treats, a sincere thank-you, a big bear hug, or a 20% gratuity, it’s all appreciated!