The Best Skydiving Near Atlanta, Georgia

Monday, August 28, 2023

Making the commitment to jump out of an airplane is a huge personal decision, and choosing where to make that jump is almost as important as deciding to skydive in the first place. Whether it’s your very first tandem skydive or your 10,000th solo jump, the dropzone you pick can make or break your experience. And finding somewhere to go skydiving near Atlanta, GA might leave your head spinning with options. (Did you even know that, for skydiving, Atlanta, GA is the place to be?!)

parachute aadSo, how do you pick a dropzone? And furthermore, how much does it cost to go skydiving in Georgia? There’s a lot to sort through when deciding where to jump. For tandem skydiving, Atlanta is only an hour away from Skydive Monroe and about 45 minutes from UGA in Athens … some people drive further than that to go to work! And we can all agree, a skydiving adventure is WAY better than work. An hour’s drive is a pleasure when you know there are people you can trust at your destination – skydiving professionals who take your safety and satisfaction seriously. 

But you don’t have to just take it from us! Hear what some of our happy customers have to say. And read on to find out why the answer to, “Where is the coolest place to skydive?” (Psst … it’s Skydive Monroe!) 

Your Safety is Our Priority

Safety is top-of-mind at every level at Skydive Monroe. Our dropzone owner, Bill Scott, has more than 40 years in the sport, during 30 of which he’s owned Skydive Monroe. Bill is also a tandem instructor, coach, big-way formation skydiver and record maker, and pilot. In Bill’s words, “I press safety. Safety first. And I hold everybody to the same standard that I have.”

Our instructors are highly trained and highly experienced. Some of our instructors have been with us for decades – some were even taught to skydive by Bill himself! Every member of our best-in-class sky team has what it takes to get you to the ground safely so that you can focus on the fun. 

And it’s not just the humans that are held to the highest standard. Our aircraft are meticulously maintained by skilled mechanics. 

We Follow The Rules

Skydiving can be scary. That’s why it’s so important to know that the dropzone you choose is doing everything in its power to mitigate the risk associated with jumping out of an airplane. Skydive Monroe is a proud member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and complies with every rule and regulation as well as those enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

Here we’ll address one of the most frequently asked questions we get around safety and regulation: what is the minimum age to skydive in GA? The USPA mandates that you must be the age of majority, or 18 years old, to make a skydive. All USPA member dropzones are required to follow this regulation. 

Make sure you bring your valid, government-issued photo ID to the dropzone so we can confirm your age. Heck, who doesn’t like getting ID’d to prove they’re at least 18? (Pro tip: skydiving makes a great 18th birthday present!)

Note – this age requirement applies to outdoor skydiving, Atlanta also has indoor skydiving options for those young’uns who just can’t wait! 

Our Prices Are Fair

“How much is skydiving in GA?” is a more complicated question! Prices vary from dropzone to dropzone and are dependent on fuel costs, business size, aircraft, equipment and gear, and location. But we can tell you how much skydiving costs at Skydive Monroe. Our prices are transparent and always consistent with fair market rates.

history of skydivingWe offer a variety of discounts and group rates that make skydiving even more affordable. Military personnel and students save $45 dollars on a tandem skydive, and you can save even more if you book as a group

A group of 5-9 people will save $50 per person, and if you can round up 10-15 people to jump out of an airplane with you, the savings per person jumps to $60. And for groups of more than 15, reach out for special pricing! 

And don’t forget the video! Having a video of your skydive will allow you to look back on your amazing day for years to come. We have various media packages so you can pick which one is right for your needs and budget. 

Nobody needs another expensive hobby. We know how amazing (and addicting!) skydiving is and we strive to make it as accessible as possible. We think everyone should get their knees in the breeze at least once! 

You Never Have to Leave!

Okay, maybe never is an exaggeration. But if you love skydiving as much as we do (and we think you will!), you can stick around and get your skydiving license with us. One of the best things about getting a skydiving license is finding your sky family and home base. People you know, trust, and have fun with, who will support you as you progress in the sport. 

The Accelerated Freefall, or AFF, program at Skydive Monroe centers on safety, education, and community to offer a comprehensive licensing program that builds confidence and passion. We know what it feels like to be new, and we know how important it is to feel welcome regardless of how many jumps you have. An airplane is an airplane and the sky is the sky no matter where you are; it’s the people on the ground who make the difference. 

Our Town Has What You Need

Skydive Monroe is the skydiving dropzone on the east side of Atlanta. Whether you’re coming for the day or the weekend, Monroe has plenty to offer to round out your skydiving experience. There are clean, comfy hotels to stay in, great restaurants, and plenty of attractions to help you work off that post-jump adrenaline buzz. 

The day you make your first skydive is a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life! Make it epic by making it with Skydive Monroe. Book your jump today! Blue skies.