Best Skydiving Near Atlanta, GA

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

First-time skydivers generally look at a map when they’re first starting to get serious about making a skydive. You probably did, too–right? You look at a scattering of pins spread around Atlanta, Georgia, and you think: Wow. This is more than I thought.

You’re right to be boggled. It’s hard to choose a dropzone! Don’t worry, though–we’re going to help you separate the wheat from the chaff. When you’re looking for a local dropzone, here’s what matters.

1. Very Experienced Staff And Ownership Matters.

Our drop zone owner (DZO), Bill Scott, is one of the most experienced DZO’s in the southern region–and, as a matter of fact, the country at large. Since he founded Skydive Monroe, Bill has taken great pride in gathering a standout team of professionals and running a first-class operation. The bonus, of course, is our proximity to Atlanta–but distance ain’t all. All that experience means that every detail of the dropzone has been designed to optimize your tandem skydiving experience. Our phenomenal reviews back up the hype.

2. Customer Service Matters.

If you want to be treated like an individual, your experience at other dropzones might leave you feeling a little let-down. Many dropzones just try to put as many tandem “passengers” in the air as they can, with a bare minimum of personalized attention and a conspicuous lack of love.

We’re different. We’ve thrived for many years based on our passion for teaching, and no tandem student will ever be a “passenger” at Skydive Monroe. We know this jump is important to you–hey, it’s important to us, too!–and we communicate that in every interaction.

3. An Amazing Aircraft Matters.

We own and operate a King Air. If you’re not up on your planes, don’t worry–we’ll explain.

The lion’s share of American dropzones (including most of the dropzones in Georgia) lease and operate small, slow aircraft. These are the Volkswagon beetles of the sky–reliable, economical and easy-to-fix, but not the most comfortable, commodious ride. These planes fit up to three jumpers with the pilot, squashed in together and seated on the floor, and it takes about half an hour to reach exit altitude.

A King Air, by comparison, is an Escalade. It takes less than ten minutes to make the trip, but folks aren’t as eager to get out–the seating is worlds more civilized, and many more jumpers can comfortably sit inside. (So, if you’re coming with friends and you want a pre-exit high-five, your wish is hereby granted.)

4. Community Matters.

We’re proud of our Atlanta community, and we give back in a powerful way. For instance: we’re proud to support Extra Special People, a non-profit which, in their own words, “empowers children with developmental disabilities to cultivate skills, self-confidence, and relationships through recreational therapy, community involvement, and the arts.” We organize and host Big Jump, an annual festival that drives funds to the organization and helps our developmentally disabled community members to thrive. It’s super-fun, too! Everyone over here gets involved.

5. Local And Family-owned Matters.

If you want safety-first skydiving that’s close to Atlanta, with a friendly, family atmosphere (and a quick drive from town), you’re not alone. That’s kinda the holy grail, right?

Anyway: If you want all of these things, make no mistake: This is the DZ for you. We can’t wait to meet you–and prove you right!