Skydiving for Beginners: The Role You Play

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Getting ready for your first skydive? You can search high and low, but there’s no Skydiving for Beginners guide out there. This means what should be an utterly epic experience can end up being a bit overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be. 

We get it. Skydiving isn’t exactly a run-of-the-mill activity, and the protocol of a first skydive most certainly isn’t common knowledge. Without any prior exposure to this exciting, new endeavor, how could you possibly know what you are responsible for before, during, or after that first tandem skydive

Allow us to save you the stress of not knowing: this how you can completely nail your first skydive.

Bring Yourself and A Photo ID

For your first skydive, we provide all of the skydiving gear you need. The only item you are required to bring to the dropzone is a government-issued form of photo identification. Subsequently, each time you join us to complete a jump, whether it is your first tandem skydive or your fourth, you will need to bring your ID. 

skydiving for beginners

Pay Close Attention

Shortly after check-in, there will be a tandem training class. The first portion of the class consists of a short video that gives a brief introduction about skydiving and contains an overview of what to expect for the jump. Once the video is finished, an instructor will provide a pre-jump briefing. During this briefing, s/he will explain how to board the aircraft, exit the aircraft, what to do with your body in freefall, what to expect under the parachute, and what is expected of you during the landing. Though it may be tempting to zone out, buried in a fantasy of the flight to come, it’s important to pay close attention to the information you’re being given.

Take It Easy While You Wait

Unless scheduled for our earliest time-slot, we tell our tandem skydiving customers to anticipate being on-site for at least half of the day, right around 3-4 hours. While the day is buzzing along with the steady hum of plane engines, the excited murmurs of student skydivers, and the crisp vinyl thunder of parachutes opening, it’s easy to keep boredom at bay. If we end up pausing operations for inclement weather, the wait might wear on you a bit more. If this happens, feel free to interact with our staff and ask questions. In our opinion, a weather hold is a perfect time to learn more about the steps that come after your first skydive. In the event you are not the talkative type, it might be a good idea to bring along a book or deck of cards to help while away the hours. 

Enjoy the Ride

For many, the airplane ride is the most nerve-wracking portion of the whole experience. Luckily our super quick, meticulously maintained aircraft can get our customers to jump altitude in under 20 minutes. Even though the ride to altitude is swift, during that time, have a chat with those around you, take a look out of the window, and prepare to have one of the best times of your life!

Be the Banana

During your training session, you will be introduced to the idea of arching. One of your primary responsibilities is to exit the aircraft in a nice, strong arch and maintain the arch while you are in freefall. To arch, squeeze the muscles of your gluteus maximus and press your hips forward. To check your arch, lay down. Your head and feet should be raised while your pelvis and stomach rest on the floor. We say “be the banana” because the shape your body makes when you have nailed the arch position looks very much like the curve of a banana!

first skydive jump

Listen Up For Landing

Tandem skydiving injuries are uncommon; however, the majority of the minor injuries, like tweaks and sprains, that we do see tend to occur upon landing. When it is time to land, it is imperative that you listen to your tandem instructor. Upon landing, your responsibility is to follow his or her instructions and to lift your legs if and when you are told to do so. 

Once you land, your instructor will disconnect the upper attachment points of your harness. Try not to stray too far from them until they give you the all-clear. There may still be other tandem pairs landing around you. 

Ready for your shot at the big time? We think we have the perfect role for you. Let’s cast you as the star in your own first-time skydiving film! Schedule your tandem skydive with a photo and video package today!