Is There a Skydiving Season?

Thursday, February 25, 2021

What are the things that determine when you can go skydiving? Is there a season for it? Does skydiving in different months change things? Good news! Here in the South, we are graced with the kind of weather that keeps things warm, and you can go skydiving in Georgia all year round. Further north, it gets cold enough that skydiving operations commonly close for the Winter months – often leading to skydivers heading down to more agreeable climates where they can get their jumping fix. Although comparatively, Georgia is a toasty state – we do have seasonal changes that can make your skydive a slightly different experience. Here is a quick look…

Georgia Skydiving Seasons

Spring Skydiving:

Spring feels like a great time to go skydiving. Setting out on a brand new adventure, while the world around you is doing the same – gives you a sense of connection to the scenery you are flying and jumping over. This part of the year can be just right when everything is lush and green, and before it gets super hot and you have to consider hiding from the sun through the hottest part of the day. 

Summer Skydiving:

Jumping out of planes from 13,000ft is an outdoor adventure thing, so Summer is best – right? Summertime is when the dropzone is busiest, with long days that allow for as many jumps as possible. Hanging out at the dropzone is a great way to spend time, and if you join us in the Summer you will find that many people do exactly that. The dropzone is a home away from home where you can leave behind your regular life and indulge in something spectacular with like-minded others.      

summer skydiving season

Fall Skydiving:

The fall months are when you have access to some of the most spectacular conditions for being up in the sky. Skydiving is a beautiful and thrilling experience at any time of year – but Fall is when you get the most amazing sunrises and sunsets to add even more spectacle to your jumps.    

Winter Skydiving:

During the coolest part of the year, the dropzone is likely to be at its quietest. There is plenty to be said for busy, and a skydiving operation in full turn-and-burn mode can be quite a spectacle – but when things are more chill (and chilly) you have access to the close-knit family vibe of skydiving. If you are keen to get involved then quiet times during the winter months are best for sponging up all the information you want.

winter skydiving season

The best time to go skydiving is as soon as possible! Here in Georgia, we are lucky that we can go skydiving all year round – so that is exactly what we do. Skydiving is very much a sport, so it is common to use the word ‘season’ in that context – such as the period of the year when all the big events, competitions, and such take place. However, in terms of the weather and conditions for us to go jumping the skydiving season in Georgia is all year long. No matter when you choose to visit Skydive Monroe, we are here to make your skydive the best experience possible – we want you to love it, to tell your friends and family, to bring them too – and (best result) to get involved and become skydivers yourselves. So whether you are aiming for a tandem skydive or to sign up for a course and get a license of your very own, we have everything that you need – whenever you wish to do it. See you soon!