Winter Skydiving: What to Wear When It’s Cold

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

You can go skydiving in cold weather during the winter. Providing the weather conditions are suitable, you can jump any time. Often, the skies are clearer and the views even more beautiful in the winter, so it’s well worth it!

Skydiving is an all-year-round sport but boy, does it get cold in the winter! Here are our tips to help you stay warm.

1. Layers are best

When it’s really cold, it’s tempting to wear the biggest, bulkiest jacket you’ve got to keep your snuggly warm all day long. When you’re skydiving, light layers are really the best way to stay warm. By wearing lots of thin layers, you create pockets of air which create a warm covering.

skydiving in cold weather

2. Thermal clothing

You can buy clothing which has thermal properties to keep you warm. You can usually buy these from sports shops; look out for anything approved for skiing and it’s likely to be good for skydiving too. We recommend thermal tops and also thermal leggings to keep your legs warm too.

3. Protect your hands

Your hands can get really cold when you’re skydiving. Make sure you protect them by wearing some nice thick gloves. Glove liners worn on the inside of normal gloves are even better. And don’t worry – if you forget yours, we’ve got plenty of spares here.

4. Wear proper shoes

We know that wearing flip-flops can be really comfortable. But believe us when we say that the relative wind likes nothing more than to whip off your loose fitting shoes and send them flying into the distance! Do yourself a favor and wear well-fitting shoes which will stay on.

5. Get fleeced

The best material to wear when skydiving in the cold is fleece. It’s thin enough to be one of your layers and has warming properties which will keep the chill away even on the coldest of skydiving days.

6. Best Time to skydive?

Skydiving is an incredible experience. Once you’ve made the choice to take the leap, you probably want to get to it as soon as possible!

That said, if you’re someone who really doesn’t enjoy the cold, you might consider waiting until it’s warmer to make your jump for the best time to skydive. The reality is that most people on their first skydive won’t even notice the weather, but even so… the sky’s not going anywhere! If you’d prefer to jump on balmier climates, we’re happy to accommodate you.