First Time Skydiving: 5 Tips from the Pros

Friday, November 8, 2019

Are you ready for our very best skydiving tips? We know that’s why you’re here: So step right up, ladies and gentlemen. Walking into a first time skydiving experience is like walking into a whole new world, the likes of which you’ve never seen before, and you’re going to need a little guidance. Make no mistake about it: A great skydive requires diligent preparation. Ideally, you’ll prepare both mentally and physically for the rigors of first-time freefall. No worries! Lean in. There’s some learning about to take place. 

1. Make sure your body is ready to skydive.

The physical preparation for tandem skydiving is delightfully straightforward. First: Eat normally, moderately and nutritiously. Second: Arrive at the dropzone hydrated (but please definitely don’t drink any alcohol, or you won’t be allowed on the plane). Third: Make sure that you’ve chosen the best clothing to wear for skydiving (and carry a few extra layers, just in case). Fourth: Bring along some soft drinks, reading material and a few healthy snacks to make sure you’re well set up in case there’s a wait.

2. Make sure your mind is ready to skydive.

Mental preparation for skydiving is a little less straightforward, but so much more interesting! Be ready for an intense experience (that’s why you’re here, right?!). Meeting your fear of skydiving head-on will give you plenty of tools that will be of benefit to you in the rest of your life — no kidding.

Our best advice is to be fully present for the entire event, from the moment you step foot on the dropzone. You can start by paying complete attention to the tandem skydiving training brief. After that, embrace the learning process: Get into conversations with staff and sport jumpers; limber up with stretches and breathing exercises; pour yourself into exploring as much as you can about the sport and the people who do it. That’ll help you feel considerably calmer as the day progresses!

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3. Take the fear out of the plane ride.

Everybody has a nervous plane ride the first time they skydive. You’re far from alone in that! To counteract the skydiving anxiety that comes with this territory, breathe deeply, slowly and calmly. One other trick is to see how much you can notice about the landscape beneath you and the people around you.

4. Become a banana.

Don’t worry; your tandem instructor will guide you through the process from top to bottom. That said: here’s a great skydiving tip for a nice airplane exit: Make yourself into a banana! That’s the easiest way to remember the “arch” position that makes for a smooth departure from the aircraft. Just shape your body so your belly button is the closest point on your body to the ground. 

5. Look great in your photos!

Here’s a final skydiving tip that might not get covered in your ground-school briefing: Look up! The most flattering skydiving photos happen when you look up at the horizon instead of down at the ground. We want to see that smile!

Ready to Skydive, What You Need to Know

How was that for a collection of skydiving tips? You’re heckin’ welcome! We’re looking forward to seeing you test them out in person. Make your reservation today!