Tips for Skydiving Anxiety

Sunday, November 27, 2022

If you’ve got skydiving for the first time anxiety – that’s okay! Honestly, it’s a good thing because that means you’re a normal human being challenging yourself to live your life to the fullest! We can’t grow or experience all that life has to offer if we don’t do things that scare us, right? Right. 


It’s totally natural to feel anxious before a skydive, especially if it’s your first time. Anxiety and skydiving are like two peas in an emotional pod. Heck, even seasoned skydivers still get the jumping jitters! 

Skydiving is more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Deciding to throw yourself from a moving airplane, thousands of feet from Earth is a daunting thought that your brain naturally wants to say NO to. But when you experience the thrill, the poetic and soul-fulfilling beauty, you will know that you are a lot stronger than you think!

Look, we get it – overcoming that “skydiving for the first time” anxiety may seem impossible but you are 100% capable and we’re here to help! At Skydive Monroe, we’ve seen it time and time again, and it is awesome to be a part of that journey with you. 

We’ll guide you on how to mentally prepare for your skydive and tips for relieving skydiving anxiety.



  • Visit the Dropzone

We love visitors in our home and we especially love to talk about skydiving! Visit the dropzone you plan to jump at before the day of your skydive and familiarize yourself with the environment and the people there. 

You’re more than welcome to watch other skydivers and get an outsider’s perspective of what your tandem skydiving journey will look like. This will help you better prepare for what is to come when it is time for your turn to jump!

  • Do Your Research

Knowledge is power! Learning facts and stats is one of the best ways to find reassurance before and during your skydiving journey. Research the dropzone where you’ll be jumping and find statistics on the official United States Parachute Association (USPA) webpage. 

If you have any questions, please, do not be afraid to ask! Our team members are open-minded individuals who want nothing but for you to be comfortable and prepared. We want you to have a good time! 

Important note – be sure that your sources are reliable in order to get accurate information. 


As we said, we LOVE to talk about skydiving (we’re kind of obsessed). So don’t feel shy when you have a question before or during your skydive. Skydivers tend to be very open-minded; there’s pretty much nothing off the table when it comes to topics of conversation. We’ll go to great lengths to ensure that you feel confident and have an awesome skydiving experience.


tandem skydiving wind limitFocusing on your inhales and exhales will help you keep your mind off of those pesky racing thoughts. Another tool you can use is to look around you and name things you see (for example: red sticker, blue rig, black helmet). You can do this with sounds and sensations as well. This tool helps slow everything down and get you to focus on the moment rather than what’s going on inside your head.


Skydiving can be fantastic therapy because it forces you to challenge yourself, push your boundaries, and practice mindfulness. The empowerment you’ll feel after your jump is what makes skydiving worth it. You’ll leave the DZ with extra-level confidence that will have you considering conquering what’s been weighing on you.

You may be surprised to know that some skydivers begin skydiving in order to help them overcome their fears and anxiety. That’s right! Some regular skydivers actually have (or at one point in time have had) a fear of heights or deal with anxiety on a regular basis. They have used skydiving as a way to expose themselves to that fear, face it head-on, and overcome it instead of letting it control their life.

Now, we’re not saying that skydiving can exactly cure anxiety… but it can help deal with the fear that comes with anxiety and give you tons of practice to get better at managing your anxiety.

You’ve got what it takes! Book your tandem skydive today with the best skydiving in Georgia – Skydive Monroe! Blue skies.