What to Know About Skydiving Selfie Pictures

Monday, April 19, 2021

Who doesn’t love a good selfie? Sure you have probably heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but we bet you didn’t know that skydiving pictures are indescribable! 

With just a glance, pictures have the power to transport us back to places and times—immersing us once more into the moment. These little visual memory bundles are as much about cherishing an experience as they are about sharing your story with the world. And let’s face it, some stories are more epic than others. When it comes to skydiving pictures, the proof is in the pudding, or, in this case, the number of likes even the most basic skydiving photo amasses.

skydiving selfie


Part of the allure of a skydiving selfie is the sheer novelty of a skydiving photo. Skydiving pictures aren’t something you see every day because not everyone will have the courage to take flight. If you’re going to make the leap, you might as well document it.

That being said, selfies are one of the most popular and convenient ways to document adventures and show friends and family what you have been up to. If you’ve got a trip to Skydive Monroe planned in the near future, this might leave you wondering: how do you nab the perfect skydiving selfie?

No Phones Out In Freefall

The typical selfie go-to is your trusty cell, but on a skydive, there are no phones allowed. With the wind whipping around you, it’s hard to hold on to anything during a 120 mph freefall, much less a sleek modeled iPhone or Android. 

When your phone slips from your sweaty-palmed grip, you won’t just be looking at an extra pricey trip. Trying to handle a phone in freefall can be a distraction and a danger. It is not just dangerous for you and your instructor (just imagine if you bop them in the head with your handheld computer). After reaching terminal velocity before colliding with the earth, your handy dandy cellular device could seriously injure an innocent bystander minding their own business on the ground or come crashing through the windshield of a car. Neither option is something we want to even entertain the possibility of. This is why you should…

Leave it to the Professionals

To bring your skydiving selfie dreams to reality, it’s best to trust the pros! At Skydive Monroe, we’ve got two ways to capture some truly epic skydiving pictures. For an aesthetic that is up close and personal, we have our handcam video and photo package. With this package, your tandem skydiving instructor wears a camera on a special hand mount made just for skydiving. The package includes skydiving pictures and video of the walk to the aircraft, skydiving photos within the aircraft, an exit shot as you jump from the airplane, and photos during freefall, the canopy ride, and landing.

skydiving pictures


For skydiving pictures that really show off that birds-eye view and the opportunity to share the sky with another person, you can elect to have your skydiving pictures captured by an outside cameraman. This videographer will tag along to snap professional digital photos as you gear up and ride to altitude in the aircraft and also exits along with you and your tandem skydiving instructor to catch all kinds of candid shots in freefall!

Skydiving Selfies Aren’t Just For Freefall

Just like your skydiving experience is composed of more than just freefall, so too should your skydiving pictures document more than just one aspect of your skydiving day. With the skydiving picture packages at Skydive Monroe, you’ll have step by step photos to catalog every pivotal aspect of your skydiving experience: the giddy filled minutes as you gear up, the swift climb to altitude, when the door of the aircraft opens and it really “gets real”, those thrilling sixty seconds in freefall, the peaceful solace of the canopy ride, and the exultant moment your feet touch the ground. We will capture it all!

Say “Cheese!” It’s time for your closeup at Skydive Monroe!