How Long Does Skydiving Take?

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Time is a valuable commodity. When the weekend only feels like a sneeze in the tedium of the workweek, naturally, you start to get a bit protective of your time and how you spend it. To properly allot the hours in your precious time off, you may be wondering if you have the time to go skydiving.

When you book a skydive at Skydive Monroe, we ask that you expect to be at our dropzone between 5-6 hours for the entire process. Rightfully so, you may be left with a few questions: namely, how does it take so long to skydive? 

Your skydive is more than the freefall and the parachute ride, it is a process that involves many different working parts. While the actual jump is over in a matter of minutes, the experience takes a bit longer. To cover how long the whole skydiving process takes, allow us to break it down for you.

how long does it take to skydiving

Arrival and Check-In

We ask that our guests arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled class time. This will leave you plenty of time to park and use the restroom before checking in. At check-in, you may need to complete a waiver or other paperwork. At this time, you will also finalize payments and add a video or photo package if you choose. The entire check-in process typically takes 15 minutes. 


Following check-in, the jumpers in your class time will all receive training. During this training, you will watch a video that covers a little of our sport’s history and lays out what you can expect during your skydive. Once you have finished watching the video, one of our instructors will provide you with a specific tandem skydiving briefing. This briefing will cover procedures for entering and exiting the aircraft, freefall, and landing. If you have any additional questions, you will be given the opportunity to ask during this training class. Typically, the tandem training video and class will take about 20-30 minutes. 

The In-Between Time

Not everyone will get right in the air after training. The workings of the airport are a complex puzzle that involves coordinating instructors, students, videographers, and licensed skydivers. With only so many slots on the aircraft and a fluctuating number of people to get in the air, it can take a little while to get everything sorted out. 

It’s also important to take into consideration the effect that weather may have on wait times. In skydiving, our entire operation depends on the weather. Thus, ill weather conditions (such as heavy cloud cover, rain, and winds) can cause significant delays. If operations are put on hold, when they resume, we begin with the earliest class times which means delays can be felt later on down the line


Boarding the Aircraft

Many do not know that there is a specific order in which skydivers board the aircraft, while we won’t get into it too deeply here. What matters is that tandem skydivers and their instructors will enter the aircraft first followed by student skydivers and other licensed skydivers. It takes about 5-10 minutes to get everyone situated and properly secured before takeoff.

skydiving airplane

Ride to Altitude

At Skydive Monroe, we fly a meticulously maintained skydiving aircraft called the King Air. This little rocketship can fly our skydivers to altitude in 10 minutes or less. With all that pre-jump adrenaline pumping, it will feel like you’ve barely had time to blink before it is go time!


Although one of the most highly anticipated parts of a skydiving experience, the freefall is the shortest portion! So, how long do you fall when skydiving? You will be in freefall flying through the air for a whole zippy 60 seconds! 

Parachute Ride

After your 60-second freefall, the parachute will be deployed. This leads to the next question: how long does it take to reach the ground when skydiving? After your minute freefall, you’ll be beneath the parachute from anywhere between 4-5 minutes. This means from exiting the aircraft to touching back down on the ground, the whole thing takes about 6 minutes. 

So, is skydiving worth your time?

The equation of worth is a delicate balance between the time something takes and the reward it provides. While it may be bold to say, for the experience of a lifetime, a few hours of waiting is negligible. Trust us, the value you get from the time invested in your skydiving experience is so high it is, quite literally, in the clouds. 

Ready to make the leap? We’re ready to take you! Have any other skydiving questions? Just give us a ring! We love to talk skydiving!