Top Reasons to Go Skydiving in the Fall

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Gourds on every stoop, trees shedding leaves, pumpkin spice everything: it must be fall! And do you happen to know what autumnal awesomeness pairs perfectly with this season? We bet you’ll never guess: it’s skydiving! Though many associate summers with the skydiving season, and indeed it is the typical peak of operations, skydiving in the fall is fairly common. In fact, for many, skydiving in the fall is their all-time favorite.

The reasons for choosing to skydive in the fall are plentiful, here are just a few of ours!

skydiving in the fall

Why Skydive in the Fall?

Cooler Temperatures

In peak skydiving season, it’s not unusual to see temperatures soaring into the 90s at Skydive Monroe. While skydiving provides a quick reprieve, the heat can be hard to beat — especially while waiting. In autumn, the sweltering summer heat begins to fade and is instead replaced with cooler temps.

Skydiving in the fall is particularly enjoyable in our neck of the woods. The humidity has peeled off and, though cooler, temperatures stay quite comfortable. On average, the highs sit around 73 in October and around 64 in November. As a matter of fact, because of the temperate climate our skydiving season never really ends, and we continue to skydive year-round. Just keep in mind, if you join us in the winter, be sure to wear a few layers!

Better Weather

While summer skydiving is often plagued by afternoon thunderstorms, fall weather patterns are remarkably good for skydiving. During autumn, the skies are generally clear and monthly rainfall is typically minimal (around four days total in October and five days total in November). This means more jumpable days and more opportunities to get in the air. Combined with the comfortable temps mentioned above, fall could be considered one of the best skydiving seasons!

skydiving season

Fabulous Foliage

One of the things fall is most renowned for is nature’s marvelous, colorful display. Decked out in burnished reds and golds, the trees make for a spectacular sight on the horizon. In our humble opinion, a top reason to go skydiving in the fall is to witness this grandeur first-hand, and from a bird’s eye view no less, as you drift beneath an open parachute. Trust us, it’s something that simply has to be seen. We are talking about a visual that is skydiving bucket list status!

Fewer Crowds

Not a fan of feeling like you’re another bee humming about the honeycombs of a busy hive? We have something right up your alley: skydiving in the fall. While some people thrive off the thrumming buzz of a bustling summer dropzone, others prefer the calmer vibe that accompanies the cooler temperatures of fall. If you’re partial to the latter, skydiving in the fall is going to be a better experience — hands down. There’s one additional plus to skydiving in the fall: because the dropzone tends to be less busy, it typically means there’s less time spent waiting around before your jump (weather permitting, of course).

Ready to fall for skydiving in autumn?

We believe skydiving is a definite must-do on your festive fall activities list. Just think, one of your creative costumes could take flight! Call or click to schedule your fall skydiving adventure today!