Skydiving With Dogs

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Who does not love a good dog video? YouTube proves there is something for everyone and believe it or not skydiving dogs really do exist!

As much as we love dogs at Skydive Monroe, we don’t allow them at the dropzone. In the best interest of dog welfare, DZ’s really are a bit too active and exciting for the average pup.  Despite those safety rules, who can resist watching videos of an eager adventure pupper on a tandem skydive?

Dogs at Work and Play

A recent online search turned up a few categories of skydiving dogs both at work and play. The military does, in fact, deploy dogs that are SEAL trained and even outfitted with specialized combat gear designed specifically for their dangerous occupations. The doggie goggles are worth the Google search alone!  Skydiving dogs trained to take down poachers are proving to be very useful in the efforts to stop the senseless slaughter of elephants and rhinos for their ivory tusks and horns.



Humans tend to anthropomorphize animal interactions. We want to believe that our dogs love us and feel the same emotions we experience.  Is there anything more gratifying than coming home to your dog and receiving that enthusiastic welcome? You can’t help but look for signs in these videos that the dogs are eager and excited about the skydiving experience. We wonder if they understand the anticipation of jumping out of a plane or BASE jumping off the side of a mountain. After watching a few of these videos, you can’t help but believe the doggies are loving every minute! What can they possibly be thinking about the view from so far above the ground? Are they weighing the wow factor between playing frisbee and skydiving? Do they dream of flying after that first time in the sky?



Here’s the big take away from watching these videos. Dogs can be trained to skydive along with their handlers to perform highly technical military operations, use infrared goggles, sniff for bombs, and take down poachers.  The few videos out there of regular dogs skydiving or BASE jumping with their human is entertaining and awe-inspiring. The big question you should be asking yourself? If dogs can skydive, what is holding you back? Skydive Monroe is happy to help you make that first tandem or solo jump, and we can even send you home with a video you can share with your dog!