How to Prepare for Skydiving

Monday, October 30, 2023

We’re of the opinion that anything worth doing is worth doing well. You, too? It must be so, or you wouldn’t have landed here! We salute you for your conscientious attitude, and so we’ll do our darndest to give you the best tips to prepare yourself for skydiving in all the ways it’s possible. In this guide, we’ll cover everything from mental preparation to what to wear—and what not to do before skydiving. Let’s get started!

To have a great skydive, your body needs to be nourished, rested, hydrated, and calm. Here’s how to check all those boxes before you arrive at the dropzone.

Eat a Moderate, Healthy Breakfast (Bring Snacks!)

Fueling your body healthfully is essential to lay the groundwork for a top-shelf skydive. Make sure to eat a balanced meal before arriving at the dropzone to avoid feeling lightheaded or queasy during your jump. You want to avoid skydiving on an empty stomach, or right after a heavy meal. Don’t forget to pack some snacks in case there’s a weather delay – you’ll thank yourself later. Proper nutrition will keep your energy levels stable throughout the day.

First Time Skydiving tipsGet Good Sleep the Night Before

Ensure you get a solid night’s sleep before your skydiving adventure. Lack of sleep can significantly affect your level of alertness and enjoyment. Prepare for skydiving for the first time by being well-rested and fully present on the big day. There’s an off-label benefit you’ll love too: a proper night’s rest will help you stay calm in the face of those pesky pre-jump jitters.

Wear the Right Clothes

As with any sport, dressing appropriately for your skydive is key. For example, under the very windy conditions of a skydive, loose-fitting clothes can lead to discomfort, distraction, and even danger – flapping fabric and accessories can be a hazard to the skydiving equipment and to your instructor!

It’s best to opt for close-fitting, thin layers that allow for maximal flexibility and comfort. Choose clothes that can be comfortably worn under a jumpsuit in case you decide to wear one for warmth, coverage, and grass-stain protection!

No Alcohol and No Recreational Drugs

What should you not do before skydiving? Get your buzz on. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol and recreational drugs on our dropzone. They’re unsafe, unacceptable, and, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, prohibited before a skydive. And, contrary to what you might believe, skydiving with a buzz is not at all fun. You have enough going on in the sensory overload department as it is!

How to Mentally Prepare for Skydiving

Skydiving is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. How to mentally prepare for skydiving looks quite a bit like mentally preparing for anything that’s challenging, whether that’s at work, with academics, or in sports. Here’s how to get your mind in the right state for this epic adventure.

Do Your Homework

Start your skydiving preparation by researching the dropzone where you plan to jump. Every dropzone is unique, so take the time to research and read reviews. Read what fellow skydivers have to say to get insights into their experiences. Remember, people usually write a review when they’re unhappy … so positive reviews are especially valuable.

Find out if the dropzone is affiliated with the United States Parachute Association (USPA), as this ensures they follow safety and professionalism guidelines. This can help you choose a reputable and safety-focused dropzone, aiming you towards a great skydiving experience.

Learn What to Expect

Learning how to prepare for skydiving the first time has a lot to do with expectations.

When you book your jump, ask the dropzone for a timeline of your skydiving experience from arrival to landing. Knowing what’s coming will ease your nerves and help you mentally prepare. You will feel more ready, more confident, and more in control of your experience.

Practice Breathing

prepare for skydiving

This might be our most crucial piece of advice: practice taking deep, steady breaths. It sounds simple, but it will do wonders to help calm your nerves and allow you to fully enjoy the experience. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, but breathwork will help you stay focused and enjoy the experience to the fullest. You’ll use these techniques in the plane, in the door, and in the sky, and they will serve you well!

What I Wish I Knew Before Skydiving

On reflection of their first skydiving experience, many licensed skydivers recall making no meaningful preparation. Many are caught off-guard by many of the factors we’ve prepared you against in this article. If they’d known what to expect (and brought snacks!) it would have been a considerably smoother experience than it was. That said: they’re all still skydiving! The sport has a magnetic quality, despite the challenges you have to overcome along the way.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of how to prepare for skydiving, it’s time to take the plunge. Book a tandem skydive with us today—we know you’ll be perfectly prepared for the experience. Blue skies!