Best Stocking Stuffer Idea Ever: Skydiving Gift Certificate

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

All the stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

In hopes some great goodies would find themselves there.

 Wouldn’t you know they all awoke early

And came rushing downstairs in a hurry

 You smile to yourself with a holiday grin

You already know your stocking stuffers are a win

 You read our article and that’s how you know

You picked a gift sure to make them glow

 The family all wonders just what they’ll get.

What’s this? A trip?! An experiential gift?

Oh yeah! It’s a skydiving gift certificate!!

Didn’t see that one coming? Neither will they. This year give a gift like no other: a skydiving gift certificate! Why’s this gift such a win you wonder? Well…

Experiential Gifts Are the Future

More and more, experiential gifts are growing in popularity. Why? It might be because we’ve found ourselves in a clutter conundrum. For holidays, birthdays, and special occasions, we often give things. There are only so many places to store the stuff we acquire, and soon, we’re suffering, suffocating beneath a mountain of things, and always searching for items in a sea of stuff like we’re looking for the elusive Waldo.

Unfortunately, despite our best intentions, especially around the holidays, we may be adding more to it. While the holidays are a great time to dig out old family recipes, ditch the physical gifts and a recipe for increased stress, and instead, surprise your loved ones with an experience they will never forget.  Take it from us, experiential gifts are a fantastic way to really make an impression. By giving a skydiving gift certificate you create an opportunity for some very special moments to be made. Better yet, you can be part of a growing trend where friends and families are creating memories by skydiving together.

Why is a gift certificate the way to go?

Even if they have previously expressed interest, a skydiving gift certificate may be the best way to make your loved ones’ skydiving dreams come true.  Whether they be college students, working moms and dads, busy besties, adventuring aunts, or uncles undertaking new hobbies daily, our friends and family members have hectic lives. It’s hard to know what date or time would best fit their schedules. When you give a skydiving gift certificate, they can choose what suits their schedules best! Once they pick a date and make a reservation, maybe you’ll consider joining them to really make it a family affair!

Options for Everyone

At Skydive Monroe, there’s a skydiving gift certificate perfect for nearly everyone on your list. You can choose between a Tandem Skydive, a Tandem Skydive with Video, a Tandem Skydive with Video AND Photo, or a skydiving gift certificate for a Tandem Skydive with a special discounted price for Military Members and Students with Valid ID. And, if you’ve got a real daredevil in your midst, maybe surprise them with an AFF First Jump Course Skydiving Certificate, so they can learn to skydive by themselves!

Spread some cheer.

This holiday season spice things up and give the gift of a skydiving gift certificate to Skydive Monroe!

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