Answers To A Few More Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday, December 30, 2018

At Skydive Monroe, we want everyone to feel comfortable, prepared and confident for their day of jumping with us. We’ve got a hefty list of FAQs on our site, but here are some answers to a set of questions we get asked rather frequently.


When’s the best time of day to jump?


Every part of the day offers a different slice of awesomeness.

A morning jump fills your lungs with gorgeous gulps of fresh air and your spirit with a sense of renewal; an amazzzzing way to start any day. An added bonus for early birds: lots of daylight hours ahead in the event of weather delays.

An afternoon jump usually comes with the promise of wonderful warmth and huge views, and gives you time to jump again (and again?) if once was definitely not enough.

Jumping near sunset means soaring through a painted sky that offers tremendous perspective and calm. There’s no lovelier sleep than that earned after an evening jump. First timers often opt for early and mid-day jumps; jumping later in the day may mix in a bit of a more seasoned crowd.


What time should I get to the DZ (dropzone)?


Like the gears in an old-school watch, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes at the dropzone that ensures that everyone has a great experience. Punctuality supports the process! Arrive at your booking time, and be prepared to spend the better part of the day with us. This will give you time to complete your paperwork, ground training and suit up and, if necessary, wait out weather delays. Fortunately, the Peach State mostly offers up awesome weather.


If we jump together, can one videographer capture our experience?


Unfortunately, no. For safety reasons, tandem jumpers and videographer pairs are spaced out. You may be in the sky at the same time, but you won’t be flying side-by-side. (If that’s the ultimate dream, learn to skydive with us!)

Can I have a drink before my jump to steady my nerves?


For a lot of reasons … no way, Josie. We have no issue with a celebratory swig after you’re back on terra firma, but you are not permitted to consume alcohol ahead of your jump. For realz.


Can I bring my pals to watch me jump?


100% Not only can you bring your crew, you ought to suggest to the on-the-fencers that they pack sky-worthy clothes in case they can’t bear the idea of being left on the ground. If we have the capacity, we’ll make it happen.

If your reservation is first-thing, either bring your pals with you or advise them to lag a half hour behind you. If not – in order to keep everyone engaged – your support team would be wise to arrive 90 minutes after your reservation time. That way you can complete your ground training and get suited up before they roll in to the DZ.

The more the merrier in our view, just remember that those 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.


Can I bring my pup too?


Four-legged pals are not invited to join you at the DZ, sorry. We love dogs as much as the next fur-parent, but for the safety of your pup and other patrons please leave them back at the ranch.


Should I tip my instructor and videographer?


You can if you want to, but it’s not expected. Our ground and sky teams work hard from sun up to sun down, doing what they love — helping first timers and students make memories to last a lifetime. Rewarding work, for sure, and expressions of gratitude go a long way.

Still head-scratching after spending time here and on our website? Reach out to our office (770.207.1122) or the dropzone (770.712.5281).


We can’t wait to get you sky-high!

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