Why Skydiving Makes the Best Birthday Celebration

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Are you looking for things to do on your birthday this year? How about skydiving? We know it seems a bit extreme, but when you’re looking for fun birthday ideas in Atlanta, skydiving really takes the cake! Whether it’s a milestone birthday or you’re just looking for a great way to celebrate another revolution around the sun, a skydive is the best way to celebrate your birthday. Wondering why, of all the things to do on your birthday, skydiving should make the cut? Well, here’s what we think.

#Treatyourself with an experience you’ll never forget!

By now, you’ve had your fair share of birthdays, and each year has melded together, one right into the next. There might be a few that stand out—the time you were terrified of the anthropomorphic animal mascot your parents brought in to impress you and your 6 year old friends or the night of your 21st you don’t really remember (but the record setting headache you had the next day you can still clearly recall). But aside from a select few, all and all, it’s pretty tough to distinctly recollect what you did for each of your birthday celebrations. 

Why Skydiving Makes the Best Birthday Celebration

If you’re looking to make your birthday one to remember, you’d be hard pressed to find something more memorable than a skydive. Skydiving is truly unlike anything you’ve ever done, from the nervous jitters you may get as you gear up, to the questionable calm you feel on the way to altitude, to the shocking realization as the plane door slides open that you, yes you, are about to exit an aircraft roughly 2 miles above the ground, to the sheer exhilaration of freefalling at 120 mph, and the immense sense of accomplishment (and even relief) you feel as the parachute opens and you get a birds eye view of the world around you.  

While there are tons of fun birthday ideas in Atlanta, there are none that quite stand out like a skydive. 

You get one birthday a year; it’s time to do it right!

It’s not necessarily about one-upping your friends, but if you’re like most, you’ve felt the twinges of jealousy looking at a particularly epic post from one of your besties. Maybe you’ve thought, “I wish I could do that.” Well, let’s turn the tables with a tandem skydive. A birthday is the perfect excuse to splurge: add on a video and earn yearlong (even lifelong) bragging rights. With a skydive and a video/photo package you can capture an image to make everyone in your friend group green with envy! Or if you’d really like to be #squadgoals invite your friends along and have them recalling for the rest of their lives, how you made birthday celebration history with a tandem skydiving experience! 

Bonus: if your family and friends are the adventurous type, you might be able to gather a group large enough to receive a group discount. If they are not exactly up for skydiving but would like to support you, they are more than welcome to come serve as your “ground crew” to spectate and cheer you on. 

Of all the things to do on your birthday, skydiving is the one of the most empowering and exciting ways to set the stage for your next year of life. 

Silliness and hashtags aside, for some, birthdays are a time of reflection: a time to review personal growth from the year before and to set intentions for the next year of life. This year why not do something that is truly life affirming?

Skydiving will push your limits, but at the same time, skydiving will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to tackle whatever your next year will bring.  You can’t really say that about the majority of fun birthday ideas in Atlanta. 

Whether you’re trying to plan the best b-day surprise you can, aiming to give someone you love the perfect birthday gift, or looking to celebrate your very own natal anniversary with style, a skydive is the perfect fit.

Skydiving Birthday Celebration

At Skydive Monroe, we’ll help blow you away (and blow out the candles on that yummy cake!) at your next skydiving birthday celebration!