Skydiving – What You Don’t Know

Saturday, February 29, 2020

When people think of skydiving, a lot of things come to mind from the adrenaline rush and overcoming a fear of heights to bonding with friends, family or loved ones through a shared experience. While all of those things are amazing reasons to plunge head first into the thrill of a lifetime, there’s so much more to skydiving that you may not realize. At Skydive Monroe, we want to share a few insights about skydiving that most people don’t know.

What Skydiving Feel Like

It Feels Like Flying

You heard us right. Pretty much everyone is shocked to learn that freefall doesn’t feel like falling at all. We often hear people object that they could never skydive because they don’t like rollercoasters, but you won’t feel your stomach drop like it does on an amusement park ride. 

Many describe it as floating or even flying, despite the fact that you indeed are falling to the earth that you just left not ten minutes prior. 

Tandem Skydiving Isn’t The Only Way

Everyone assumes that your first skydive must be made as a tandem skydive but here at Skydive Monroe, that’s not the case at all. You can choose to make your first skydive as a solo jumper. Your training will be a good bit different than that of a tandem skydiver in that you’ll spend about six hours in a ground course, rather than 15 minutes for a tandem course. It’s definitely a more intense way to approach your first jump and the majority of our first-timers do choose the tandem path but you should know your options, right? If you do choose tandem and decide to stick with it, the next step is to take the longer course and start a program known as AFF. (More on that here, for those who are interested.)

AFF Program - Skydive Monroe

You’ll Discover a New Confidence

Whether you consider yourself to be a confident person or if that’s something you want to work on, skydiving will undoubtedly give you a confidence boost. Let’s face it, once you’ve jumped out of an airplane, there’s not much else you can’t do if you so choose. Things you once were afraid to consider, you can now approach with a positive mindset because you’ve conquered exiting an airplane mid-flight. 

Fellow Jumpers Become Family

We saved this one for last because it’s probably the least-expected part of skydiving. If you stick with this sport beyond your first jump, you’ll learn that the skydiving community here at Skydive Monroe and around the world becomes like a second family. Everyone starts skydiving for different reasons but many stick with it because of the amazing camaraderie found, both in the sky and on the ground. People are united from all stages and walks of life here and your common interest in skydiving can become the beginning of life-long friendships. Heck, we’ve even had a handful of our fun-jumpers get engaged or married here!

Are you ready to experience 60 seconds of freefall exiting our airplane at an altitude of 14,000 feet? Come see if you agree with the above and let us know what else you didn’t expect prior to jumping. We’d love to help introduce you to the sky!