Most Scenic Dropzone in the US to Skydive

Friday, June 14, 2019

Oh, those fifty nifty United States! What better way to see them in all their glory but from the sky? Since we know you’re a pack-your-bags kinda adventurer, we’ve gone ahead and put together a wish list for the top scenic skydives in America. Make it a project to check ‘em all off, and you’ll have some seriously sweet skydiving views under your belt to talk about at your next company picnic.

Scenic Dropzone


  • Skydive Newport offers a truly spectacular vista of the Newport Waterfront, waterways and charmingly historic town of the same name. This is truly New England at its best — and you get to see it from a bird’s-eye view! 
  • Start spreading the news: the Long Island Skydiving Center is the closest dropzone to the Big Apple, so you’ll get to check out New York City skyline from a perspective few other humans have ever seen outside the frame of a little oval window. Spoiler: Spectacular. 
  • The appeal of western New York state, with all its rolling and verdant landscapes, spreads greenly out underneath any skydive done at WNY Skydiving. You can see the mists of Niagara Falls from here!


  • We’re going to Skydive Carolina in our minds, and for good reason: this place is boss. A gorgeous facility in a tucked-away-but-somehow-close-enough-to-the-action airfield, you’ll be invited in by the region’s warmest skydiving community (and the bossest planes)! 
  • We’re totally biased here, we know, but Skydive Monroe, right here close to Atlanta, might well have the prettiest puffies in the union. We love our high-flying office, where we get to check out the very best upper landscape in the USA — cotton candy castles for days. 
  • There’s a good reason Skydive Paraclete XP is hosting the 2019 US National Championships: this place has been the go-to for east-coast team training since anyone can remember, and its learn-to-skydive program will get you trained up lickety-split to go skydiving sightseeing solo.

Dropzone with Most Scenic in US


  • Speaking of hotbeds for skydiving: Skydive Chicago doesn’t just offer skydiving views of the rivery southern Illinois horse country, it’s a skydiving mecca par excellence, often referred to as “Disneyland for Jumpers.” You owe it to yourself to come and see what that looks like. SO good. 
  • Love Madison? So do we! Make it an adventure trip and book in to the Wisconsin Skydiving Center to do Madison right. If you’re smart, you’ll go on a summer weekend when you’ll be able to check out some lip-smacking views of the BBQ, as well. Grab a plate and come hungry. 
  • You’ll love Skydive Tecumseh, too, with its lake views, sport-forward feels and incredibly warm community. The facilities are great! Bring a camper and spend the weekend among your new friends. 
  • Ready to see that arch from a new angle? Check out Skydive St. Louis, for a super-cool river view that sets the lovely city of STL at your dangling feet.


  • The Oklahoma Skydiving Center is gonna surprise you. It has a well-kept-secret kinda feel, but once you get into the air up there you’ll see how delightful Oklahoma can be — especially if you book in for a sunset jump, when the honey-colored sidelight lights up the heartland like a pot of gold.

Pacific NW:

  • DUDE, Skydive Snohomish is a supermodel among dropzones. If we had to pick the absolute-most-scenic spot to make a jump, it’d be this one, which bundles up all the highlights of the Pacific Northwest into one skydive: greenery, mountains, twinkling waterways, cityscapes…everything. Stunner, this.


  • We wish they all could be California dropzones! Luckily, Skydive Perris is, and what a looker, too. The Ortegas, the local lakes, the golden flatlands…and afterwards, you can celebrate with a flight in the on-campus indoor skydiving wind tunnel, a splash in the pool and a beer at the on-airport restaurant. So cool.

What are you waiting for? Pack a bag and book the first skydive of your cross-continental road trip here at Skydive Monroe!