3 Reasons to Try AFF

Monday, March 23, 2020

Are you one of the few people who says you’ve always wanted to go skydiving? Or maybe you’ve made a tandem skydive once or twice and you just know there’s something pulling you to jump out of that perfectly good airplane again. If you’ve never considered it, solo skydiving might be the next step in your adventure. At Skydive Monroe, we are passionate about helping people learn to skydive through our AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) program. We’ve put together our top three reasons we think you should at least give AFF a try (although there are many more reasons than these). 

AFF Skydiving at Skydive Monroe

You’ll Be Well-Trained 

Here at Skydive Monroe, we spend about six hours in a ground school teaching new jumpers how to skydive through a program known as Accelerated Freefall (“AFF”). AFF is a solo skydiving training method that’s been a resounding success since its debut many years ago. We teach using the AFF method because we’ve found it to be the most effective, the most economical and the most fun for the skydiving students that come through our hangar doors. After the ground school, you’ll make your first jump with your own parachute and will progress through eight subsequent jumps in order to complete the entire program. 

You’ll Have a New Sense of Freedom

Ask anyone who has ever experienced 120mph freefall whether they are able to focus on the stresses of everyday life. We know they’ll answer with a resounding no. The pressures of work, family, health, relationships and more all fade away for a few moments and all you can think about is pure freedom. We submit that nothing else out there is as liberating as the rush of the wind and the calmness of flying your own parachute safely back to earth. 

Skydiving Parachute - Skydiving Monroe

You’ll Feel Like You Can Do Anything

If you felt super cool after doing a tandem skydive, solo skydiving is on a whole different level. Being a novice in this sport has some advantages in that you’ll get better with every jump you make. And no matter how many improvements you want to make, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world every time you drive away from the dropzone after a day of jumping. Friends and family might ask why you’re doing this and you’ll tell them they will just have to try it to understand because there really isn’t a way to explain how exhilarating it is to skydive solo. It’s definitely a big confidence boost – you’ll start to realize that in all areas of life, you can overcome your fears and worries because you’ve jumped out of a perfectly good airplane – on your own!

Solo Skydiving Training

Let’s make your skydiving dreams from childhood become a reality. We’re excited about watching your path to skydiving solo and mastering a set of skills that’ll put you on cloud nine. Call us to sign up for our next AFF class – we can’t wait to have you fly through the sky with us at Skydive Monroe!