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Skydive Monroe offers the best Atlanta skydiving prices to skydive Georgia without breaking the bank. We cater to the adventure needs of first time skydivers (tandem skydiving, AFF or IAD) and experienced skydivers (licensed, solo skydivers). Below is our skydiving prices overview. For first time skydiving Atlanta, make a reservation online by selecting the "Book Online Now" link to the right. Welcome to Skydive Monroe - we're thrilled to have you in Atlanta skydiving with us!

Tandem Skydiving Pricing

Day Option Cost
Sunday Tandem Skydive $198.00
Saturday Tandem Skydive $198.00


Special Cost
Groups 5-9 people $160/Person
Groups of 10 or more $150.00 / per person
Military Personnel Tandem - With ID $160
Students - With ID $160

Video Services Pricing

Option Cost
Handcam Video Only $95.00
Handcam Video and Still Photography $110.00
Outside Video and Digital Stills - Video and Photography shot by a separate camera flyer (not handcam) $140.00

Experienced Pricing

Day Option Cost Gear Rental
Sunday Lift Ticket $28.00 $20.00
Saturday Lift Ticket $28.00 $20.00

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Pricing

Package Cost
AFF First Jump Course + Category A First Jump 279.00
Category B 185.00
Category C 175.00
Category D-1 155.00
Category D-2 155.00
Category E-1 145.00
Category E-2 145.00
3 Jump AFF Package - Save $65 on Ground School + 3 AFF Categories 574.00

Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) Pricing

Package Cost
IAD (Instructor Assisted Deployment) 165.00