What’s the Skydiving Weight Limit?

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

It’s official: the weight limit for tandem skydiving here at Skydive Monroe is 225lbs for men and 170lbs for women, including clothing and shoes, to be measured on an official scale here in the office. If you’re frowning at how draconian that sounds, please don’t take offense: the weight restrictions for skydiving at Skydive Monroe haven’t been set because of any kind of prejudice. They’ve been set because the simple physics of our equipment demands it, and our dropzone is absolutely dedicated to safety. Please let us explain; we’re sure you’ll be right behind us when we do!

1. An overloaded parachute is not a safe parachute.

Skydiving Parachute - Skydiving Monroe

Parachutes are aviation equipment, pure and simple. Just like all the other tools that fly, they only operate safely under strict weight ranges. If the parachute’s weight limit is exceeded, the person (or, in the case of tandem skydiving, people) using that parachute might end up in a dangerous downward situation: for example, dangerously fast deployments, snapped parachute lines and unacceptably speedy landings.

2. Parachute harness fit is important.

Let’s not forget the component of the system that connects the tandem student to that selfsame parachute. Tandem harnesses only adjust to a certain point; past that, a tandem harness becomes not only tough to adjust within safe parameters, but also super uncomfortable to wear on the plane, in the air and suspended under the parachute.

Skydiving Parachute Packing

3. The problem just adds to itself.

If a parachute is designed to carry more weight, it necessarily has to be a bigger parachute — which weighs more. That additional factor adds even more weight to the system. Parachute fabric isn’t lead, of course, but it isn’t negligible in weight. (You do want really excellent fabric holding you up in the sky, right?)

4. Making a jump over the tandem skydiving weight limit doesn’t feel good.

Here’s some real talk to help frame the issue. Ready? Here goes: If you did manage to find a dropzone that allowed you to make a skydive that exceeded the weight limit for skydiving safety and comfort, it probably wouldn’t be worth the effort. For all the reasons we explained above, it would be less comfortable, more dangerous and over faster. If this would be your first time tandem skydiving, we think you agree that you deserve better!

5. It’s worth setting a goal!

Skydiving Weight Limit in Georgia

We’ve jumped with so many brand-new skydivers who used achieving the skydiving weight limit as one of their life goals — and nailed it. What an inspired way to motivate yourself to get healthier, right? (I mean: this is a goal you’ll celebrate with a bunch of great skydiving photos to celebrate your hot new look, comprende?) Once you set your mind to it, there’ll be nothing stopping you, and we’ll cheer just as hard as you do when you step on that scale. 

More questions? We’re happy to answer them. Give us a call and let’s see how we can help!