How to Dress for Each Season for First Time Skydiving

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Your skydive is quite the special occasion, and every special occasion deserves proper attire. You wouldn’t wear basketball shorts to a wedding or a parka to a mid-July pool party, would you? We suspect you might not know just what to wear your first-time skydiving, so let us help you dress for success. 

At Skydive Monroe, our temperate southern climate allows us the opportunity to skydive year-round, and while the basic elements of a perfect skydiving wardrobe stay the same (close-fitting and comfortable), the specifics will change based on the temperature on the ground.


What to wear skydiving in the winter

There’s a chill in the air; if you’re going skydiving, it’s time to add a few more layers. Skydiving in the winter is just as enjoyable as skydiving in the summer, if you’re properly prepared. Dipping temperatures make a base layer your best friend. A nice waffle knit thermal helps to wick away moisture and keep your core warm. On top, don a low-volume fleece or sweatshirt. If the thermostat reveals temperatures that are steadily dipping, your bottom half will need a little extra attention. Through years of experimenting we’ve concluded that a basic pair of long johns beneath your jeans will keep your legs warm, cozy, and comfortable. While you cannot wear a thick cap under your skydiving helmet, multi-functional headwear like Buffs or other head scarfs can keep your noggin warm.


The bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping, and the weather is warming up. What should you wear skydiving in the spring? Spring can be a little like all seasons in one. It’s in the mid-eighties one day and in the lower sixties the next. The key for skydiving in the spring is to be flexible; layers allow you to add or subtract based on the temperature. Typical choices are long sleeves and jeans. 


What to wear skydiving in the Summer

Georgia is known for hot, humid summers, and while it’s tempting to wear short sleeves, shorts, and sandals, these aren’t the best options for summer skydiving. Loose-fitting or slip on shoes might just be ripped off during your 120mph freefall, and even something as seemingly flimsy as a flip-flop can do damage to people or property on the ground. Plenty of outdoor outfitters have thin, breathable long sleeve and long bottom options to protect your skin from the sun and to keep you cool in the heat.  While it may be sweltering on the ground, it’s important to keep in mind the temperature at altitude is 30 degrees cooler. 


Fall is one of our favorite times to skydive. The air is crisp and clear, and the view is improved by increased visibility. During this season, we suggest you dress comfortably for the weather on the ground.

First-Time Skydiving Outfit Fundamentals

First time skydiving outfit fundamentals

Ultimately, for each season, make clothing selections that you can move comfortably in.  And for those with long hair, secure your strands back in a low ponytail.

No matter the season, we can always provide the finishing touch: a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are constructed specifically with skydiving in mind. While you may not see a skydiving jumpsuit strutted across a runway during New York Fashion Week, it really does the trick. The specialized wind resistant fabric keeps the air from slicing right through your layers and protects your clothes and skin if we have to slide in the landing.