Learn To Skydive for FREE!

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Learn To Skydive for FREE!

Date Details: Saturday, March 4, 2017 — 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Participants can register online here or contact the DZ at 770-207-1122.


The AFF First Jump Course is a six hour ground school training program that prepares individuals who desire to become licensed skydivers. This course teaches the fundamentals of skydiving including free fall body position, flying and landing a parachute safely correctly managing emergency procedures. The value of this course is $100 and is being offered to the first 12 who register at no charge. This free course does not include the jump following the classroom training. Individuals wishing to jump immediately after the course should indicate their desire to jump at the time of check-in.

The price for the AFF Level 1 jump will be $179 and includes instruction and training from two jump masters in free fall, gear rental, lift ticket to altitude, a video and one-on-one debrief with instructors. An additional expense will be a $20 USPA membership fee paid to the USPA.


This class is designed for anyone who has an interest in becoming a licensed skydiver. Please note that all participants must be at least 18 years old and weigh less than 225lbs and be in reasonably good athletic condition.


Saturday, March 4th at 8:00am until the end of the day. This is a full day course if you plan to make a skydive. Please note that if the course is full with 12 participants and all participants wish to jump following the ground school, some participants may be asked to jump on Sunday due to space restrictions. Out of respect for all participants and to ensure an on time start, all participants are asked to arrive no later than 8:00am.


To register, please contact manifest at 770-207-1122 or you may book online here. We anticipate this course will fill up. Please only sign up if you absolutely plan to attend as not to deny someone the opportunity, due to limited availability. Should you need to cancel, please do so 5 days in advance in order to accommodate individuals on the wait list.


The six hour first jump course valued at $100 is waived. Individuals wishing to jump following the class will need to pay $179 to cover instructor fees plus a $20 USPA Membership Fee.