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Jump Early and SAVE $45!

» October 26, 2015

The early bird gets much more than a worm! Jump in the morning and save money!

Schedule your tandem skydive between now and Thanksgiving at either 9:00am or 10:00am and you'll save $45. Click to read more!

Why Is There a Weight Restriction?

» August 4, 2015

With tandem skydiving, we get this question a lot - why is there a weight restriction and why is it different for men and women?

We've got answers!

Early Bird August Special

» August 4, 2015

The early bird gets the worm!

Schedule your tandem skydive during the month of August at either 9:00am or 10:00am and SAVE! Participants who book will jump for $145 (A $45 SAVINGS!).

Skydive Monroe Welcomes Beloved Atlanta

» July 21, 2015

Skydive Monroe is proud to partner with BeLoved Atlanta for a fundraiser to help raise awareness about sexual exploitation and raise funds to help provide resources to women seeking freedom.

Skydive Monroe Featured in Walton Living Magazine

» June 18, 2015

Recently Walton Living Magazine featured Skydive Monroe with a cover shot and a great article. We're honored to be featured! Click to read more!

Fathers Day Tandem Special - $149

» June 16, 2015

Forget the socks! Dad, doesn't want them. Purchase the adventure of a lifetime and send your Dad (or husband) to Skydive Monroe on Sunday for a Father's Day he'll never forget!

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